The ceremony

I officially acquired Mas Oms on Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 11am CET.

The seller and I signed the deed (escritura de compraventa) in the office of the notaria in Barcelona in the presence of my attorney, my excellent estate agent Tom, and some guy from a bank with “caixa” in its name.

Due to a previous engagement, the farm dogs were unable to attend.

The notaria read the 22-page contract ALOUD (for the record) and corrected it where necessary using a pencil to interlineate.

Confession: the key handoff photo was staged a week prior to closing.  Here the seller, Xavier, hands me the massive key to the front gate.

Traditionally, the transfer of a masia required a formal ceremony with the buyer and seller walking around in the courtyard, handing each other dirt, touching objects in order to indicate renouncing and acquiring, and other weird stuff.  I decided to go with the depicted key-transfer instead.


One thought on “The ceremony

  1. dude!!
    you look thrilled in that picture!! congrats on the new place and with all the revamps!! it’s gonna be amazing! we miss ya here!


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