Work begins!

Apologies to my small but dedicated fan base for a long silence.  I’ve been applying for residency and a driver’s license, learning a new language, and going over round after round of architectural plans and job bids until we had enough clarity to begin work.

Jordi the Builder (JB) arrived with a bang on Monday morning with a troop ready to work.

First job: tear down that terrace extension!



Next the team attacked the ground floor rooms that are in need of the most drastic help to render them livable.  On Monday they snapped a blue line around the perimeter of every room and began to lower and level the floors to permit sufficient head room above a new concrete slab floor.

By the end of the week, the new floor levels were established.  Bricks indicate changes in level from room to room, necessitated by “la roca,” the massive slab of rock on which the house is built.  They ripped out the troughs (from which the livestock ate and drank) with jackhammers and a lot of muscle.  I am most impressed that they were able to level the floor in the “game room,” which had a serious slope.


Trenches have been dug throughout the ground floor for drain pipes and water supply pipes (red for hot and blue for cold).  Pipes poke upward ready to break through to the first floor for bathrooms and kitchen.  You can see that here in the suite familiar and the bedroom across the hall.

I am very excited for the potential of the tower bathroom and the “kids’ room” in the suite familiar.  Both showcase typical Catalan vaulted ceilings.  (Don’t worry if they still look like scary dungeons to you.  I’m on it.)

The pit and trench for the septic tank have been dug; waste pipe is laid and covered with sand. If work continues at this breakneck pace, I’m going to have a house I can actually live in. . . .

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