Week 2

Another week of stunning progress!

A cement mixer came up the hill on Thursday and the builders poured the first layer of concrete on most of the ground floor.  Many, many plastic tubes are embedded in that slab–you can see the ends poking out in the photos.  Through these tubes will pass fresh water, waste water, heating water, electrical wire and A/V cables.

Walls are up in the family suite to delineate the wide hallway to the lounge room, the hallway and closet leading to the “vault” bedroom, and the bathroom.  Note the archway, which will remain visible both in the hallway/closet and the bath.

Meanwhile, things are still looking a bit dark and scary in the insomniac’s suite across the hall.  We’ll open a new window above the trough, so there will be more natural light.  I’m keeping the trough as an architectural element.  Not sure quite yet how to make it pretty, but I’m working on it.  Note the rock poking out in the corner of the shower and the storage niche built around the window.

Concrete slab in the game room and vaulted summer bath:


Upstairs, walls are going up to delineate the guest bath (left) and the en suite bath for an upstairs bedroom.


Jordi the Architect has issued a stop-work order on the master suite while we attempt to resolve an issue with sink placement.

Meanwhile, the paletas (masons) are working on the first window reform.  Behold a sad and misshapen door to a shed that no longer exists.  We will add stones at the bottom until this door becomes a window.  The interior of the doorway  is lined with some excellent square stones that will be repurposed as exterior jambs and lintels (sides and tops!) for some new and some refurbished windows.  This particular window will be framed by a Gothic arch that we are yanking from the west façade to accommodate a window enlargement.


Mortar delivery mechanism for upstairs masonry:


And finally, today’s brick delivery.  Jordi the Builder used his handy onboard crane to lift the pallets from the flatbed truck up to the terrace.  I helped in a manner that I would like to think was not totally useless.

Hope they are enjoying the view!

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