Week 3

The big news this week is windows and doors.  Windows and doors!  A total of 7 new openings need to be created for windows and doors to get natural light into every room and permit humans to pass through walls where necessary.

Twelve to fourteen openings need to be significantly modified for aesthetic reasons or to help minimize head-bonking.  The freakishly tall will still struggle, I’m afraid.  (You know who you are.)

Let’s get started.

This window in the rear upstairs bedroom was just too small.  Very poor lighting conditions in the room, and the window could not be enlarged because it was framed by some rather lovely worked stones forming jambs and an ogee arch lintel. Possibly an ancient element of the house.


Upon the suggestion of my clever neighbor Kathrin, we yanked the stones out of this window, thus permitting enlargement.  We moved the stones to a more prominent position on the main (southern) façade.

IMG_3729The window in the lower left was a door, formerly opening into a lean-to shed on the front of the house.   It simply did not make sense to have a door next to the main entry door.  So we filled in the wall with stones (mined from one of the many stone piles lying about the farm) up to windowsill height.  This little guy won’t let in a ton of light, but it is quite agreeable to peek through it for a view of the patio.

To the right of the ogee arch window is a new window for the “game room,” which formerly had no natural light.  I’m a big fan of this window, especially it’s lopsided lintel.  I think it’s a great addition to the façade, which currently looks like this.

IMG_3728The entrance to the game room has been raised considerably, though there is still the matter of extracting that little twig in the doorway.

IMG_3730Let there be light in the game room!  The photo below also shows the newly raised lintel on the door to the summer bath.

IMG_3731Plenty more work remains for window and door openings.  The windows themselves won’t be ready until September, so we have some time.  A set of stones ready to go into an upstairs window:

IMG_3735Princess view.  No modifications required here.

IMG_3738Meanwhile, in the guts of the building, water tubes and waste pipes climb higher, ever higher.

Bathrooms near a state of rough completion (very rough.)  Here we see the completed wall separating the living room from two bathrooms behind the wall.


Below is a new wall forming the master bedroom closet.  To the right of the closet is the door to the master bath.  All the way in the back, on the right, we have broken through into the rear bedroom.  A half flight of stairs will lead up from the rear bedroom into a new bathroom above the master bath.  The roof will be still be visible from the shower of the master bath, but the sink area will have a ceiling and another level above it.

IMG_3739More work tomorrow. . . .

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