Week 4

More windows, a new level rises, and the first hints of a staircase.

The main (south) façade is now completely framed out.  The builders will make some minor touch-ups around the window with the metal grille and the doorway to the terrace.  I have quite a bit of work in store chipping off old plaster and performing something called “rejuntat.”  More details once I learn what that actually entails.


Oopsie.  Someone seems to have knocked a hole in the wall of the insomniac’s suite.  And framed it expertly with rough-hewn stones found on premises.  The view seems all right, but I hope the light won’t interfere with precious sleep!!

Framing out the enlarged window for the highest bedroom at Mas Oms.  That long stone on the top of the heap will be the lintel.

Just half a flight up from this bedroom, is the highest bathroom in the house, perched atop the sink area of the master bath.  Slab floor and rough pluming are in.  All we need is walls.  And everything else….

Private terrace for the “Prince of Wales” suite now accessible to the over-30 crowd. (It now has a door.)


Meanwhile, we have defined a gentle rise in the entry hall with steps that will be side-lit for safety and sure-footedness.  A blue chalk line depicts the rise of the iron staircase, currently under production. . . .

Apologies for the late post.  More to come!