Back to work

After a quiet August and a slow start in September, the builders arrived en masse to tackle the upstairs walls.  A gang of 11 was working for the better part of 2 weeks to jackhammer all the old mortar and prepare the walls for plaster.

Below, the site of the future kitchen.  You can see that the walls are newly mortared, and that the back and right walls have been squared for cabinet installation.  Kitchen design is currently underway.


In mid-September we had a very exciting new arrival: the iron staircase from the ground floor to the first floor.  The fiberboard treads you see in the photo are provisional, for the work phase.  The final treads will be 6cm thick solid oak.


Shortly after the stairs, Smitty installed the iron support beams for the upstairs hallway.  The boards here are also provisional.  Final installation will be 2 cm oak floor planks, matching the flooring throughout the first floor.  You can see that the wall behind the staircase was plastered prior to staircase installation.  The other walls on the ground floor have been rejuntat.

The brick vaults throughout the house have been sand-blasted to remove plaster and mortar.


The chimney for the living room wood stove is in progress:


We decided on a half-wall separating the living room from the master bedroom.  Radiators will live on either side of the wall.  Above the wall, all the way to the roof, we will install fixed glass, with a curtain or a screen that can be drawn across for privacy.  The idea is to preserve the westward views from the main living space.


The bedroom doors are original doors from somewhere inside Mas Oms.  They have been stripped and patched by Xevi the door guy, who diagnosed them as late 18th century.  They are similar to the new/old entry door shown in my last post, though less detailed and without porticones.


To align the doorway, half wall, and attic slab, we had to add a trapezoid-shaped chunk to the attic floor.  Two C-beams (welded together at a right angle) are supported by three brick columns, two of which support the frame for the bedroom door.  Large format bricks span the gap between the new C-beams and the pee-existing I-beam.  Above the bricks, freshly poured concrete.


The boiler room in its current state:


As you have seen in this post’s photos, all the stone walls have been rejuntat or esquerdejat, the latter of which are almost ready for plaster.  We still have two precursors to plastering: (1) excavation of channels for wiring and electrical boxes, which is currently underway; and (2) window installation, which is likely to begin in the next week or so.

More soon!

One thought on “Back to work

  1. Rob, we are still so impressed with your project. We relive it every time we tell people about it. Thanks again for a great experience.


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