Inching forward

The windows have arrived!  When the bid came in, I asked sheepishly if installation was included in the price.  Thankfully the answer was “YES”, as the install has been quite complicated.  There’s not a right angle or a plumb or level surface anywhere in the house.  All but 5 windows are in, but some of those installed still require some tweaking.


Not a bad view here. . .


I’m using the same material as the windows for the doors to terraces on the main level. Here you can see the exterior of the terrace door for “Alzina” (fka the Prince of Wales suite).


While we are out here, please take a moment to vote on your favorite tile sample:


Elsewhere in the house, the wall between the master suite and the living room (below) and the attic (above) is fully framed out.  Clear glass will go in the void, with a curtain or escreen (screen) for privacy.


In the back bedroom (main level), a half flight of stairs takes you up to the Highest Bathroom in the Land.  (Or at least in the house.)  Skylight and ventilation to come in 2017. . . .


It’s a mad race to finish the windows, the terrace waterproofing and the in-wall systems (electrics, water, heating, A/V) before we can give a thumb’s up to the plasterers.  Here’s hoping for a white Christmas. . .

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