Getting back on that horse

I have been a terrible blogger.  My apologies!!  I’ve been working so hard I just have not been keeping up the blog.  But 2018 is a new year and I’m going to catch up with a series of blog posts showing work to date.

First, a look at the finished downstairs, which is now fully habitable.  In fact, I actually live here.  (For those of you who visited in 2017, these photos will be old news.)

Here’s my current bedroom:

Here’s a photo of the adjoining bedroom, which has better lighting, but no Catalan vaulted ceiling:


No one sleeps there currently.  I just made the bed up for the photo.  My bedroom and this bedroom share a bathroom (the first one I built and so far my favorite):


They also share a hallway with a charming Catalan vault, anda living room with a large glass door.   The door leads out to a terrace that is still to be tiled.  Pastor sleeps on the doggie bed when he is en residence.  Nero still won’t come inside.

Across the hall is a small bedroom with its own bathroom and a small walk-in closet.  I have slept here on and off depending on visitor configuration.

Rounding out the downstairs, we have the “game room” and the “tower bath.”  Though people have slept here when space was tight, the game room is not a bedroom: it has no door at the hallway entrance and serves as a passageway between the main hallway and the summer terraces.  As such, it is more conducive to public use.  Please imagine a billiards table in the center.  You’ll have to imagine it, because I’m not going to buy one.


The tower bath (above, in pano) sits at the base of the masia’s defensive tower.  (It’s not a castle!) The pedestal sink is provisional, which means temporary.  When I have extra time on my hands, I will install a custom double sink using a long stone feeding trough original to the house.

The last room downstairs is the boiler room, which is where in the winter I convert staggering quantities of propane into barely livable temperatures.


Below is a diagram for you spatial-reasoning types.  It’s in Catalan!


Bany is bathroom.  Habitació is bedroom.  Estar is living room/lounge.  Pas is small hallway and distribuidor is main hallway.  Rebedor is the foyer, with the main door to the courtyard.  Instal.lacions is the boiler room and caldera is boiler.  F is window, P is doorway, and B is patio door.

Everything to the right of this excerpt is courtyard and summer terraces.  Everything to the left is Goatshed and storage, areas which will not be further reformed.


Next post, we’ll take a look at what is happening upstairs!

4 thoughts on “Getting back on that horse

  1. Impressive! Loved the vaulted ceiling and the exposed stone wall. Bathrooms look luxurious. Hope the feed trough can be incorporated. Hope your holiday vacation was wonderful and restful. Take care!


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