The pool!

This project has stretched out over an unusually long period.  I kicked off the planning in January 2017, with June 1 as the date of completion.  But I failed to get it in writing. Perhaps I have been worn down by the prevailing Mediterranean cazh attitude.  Perhaps I thought it would be impossible for a pool to take more than 6 months to build.  But it dragged on right through the summer.

The architect sharpened his pencils and got to work on a plan that, as usual, incorporated my ideas but refined and improved them.

PISCINA MAS OMS - Piscina -04.05.2017 PROPO MOD 2.jpg

That’s a lot of deck and initially I was skeptical.  But as I see the final product, I think it’s a great use of space.  Previously, I had a long and skinny weed patch outside and lower than the walled patio in front of the house.  Now I have a large, useable space only 2 steps down from patio level.  With a pool!

Sadly, actual construction did not get underway until the full ripeness of spring, 2017.  The first step was to pour the foundation–we are building up rather than digging down, because the pool zone needs to come up to meet the level of the patio zone.


The builders set a brick frame on these foundations to create a tub for the pool and supporting walls for the deck.  The deck consists of concrete beams laid across the walls, filled in with brick slabs and then topped with a 5cm layer of fresh concrete.


We switch over to the pool builders now, who filled in the brick tub with rebar and gunite, a sticky concrete sprayed at high velocity.


Inspiration board:


Glass tile (or gresite) is considered an entry-level construction material for pools in Spain.  But for me these tiles are exotic and blingy–nothing like the traditional plaster in the pools of “mi país.”


When filled with water, the beige gresite with white accents and grout takes on an aquamarine tone.  That is, of course, unless you have a shockingly high iron content in your well water.  In which case, the pool takes on a rich and opaque rust tone:


As Walter White liked to say, all problems can be solved with chemistry.  And so it was that the iron was removed, and my pool became sparkling and inviting.


For ten glorious days in August and September 2017, I had full use and enjoyment of these turquoise waters.  Then fall fell early and more than a pool in se, I had another maintenance responsibility and another set of big bills to sort through.

When the snow melted and the swallows started getting frisky in the spring of 2018, I added the final touches to the pool area.  I added a safety fence in powder-coated black, many square meters of high-end artificial grass, and a pergola for shade during the hottest months, which are right around the corner.


The pool at Mas Oms is officially open for the season.  Won’t you come and take a dip?