Finished Patio

Another round of apologies for a long absence.  I’ve been up a ladder and/or out in the cold, racing to get the place finished and on the market.

Mas Oms is FOR SALE as of March of this year.  I’m still adding a few “extra” touches, but I consider the project FINISHED.  Below are photos of the “patio” (gated courtyard in front of the main façade) in its current state.

Two general views of the façade:


Two views from the living room windows:


And a view from the balcony off the dining room:


Plantings include lavender, prostrate rosemary, creeping thyme, Mediterranean cypress, plumbago, jasmine and bougainvillea.  Below is a long row of year-old lavender getting ready to open its blooms:


In the planter boxes I placed the farm’s 19th century iron olive press and its original millstones, now in pieces.


And finally a couple of “before” pictures for posterity’s sake:


The final touches I have planned for the patio are more landscaping around the mill stones and a coat of anti-rust oil for the gates and the olive press.  Hope to get this done before the summer heat arrives!