Finished Patio

Another round of apologies for a long absence.  I’ve been up a ladder and/or out in the cold, racing to get the place finished and on the market.

Mas Oms is FOR SALE as of March of this year.  I’m still adding a few “extra” touches, but I consider the project FINISHED.  Below are photos of the “patio” (gated courtyard in front of the main façade) in its current state.

Two general views of the façade:


Two views from the living room windows:


And a view from the balcony off the dining room:


Plantings include lavender, prostrate rosemary, creeping thyme, Mediterranean cypress, plumbago, jasmine and bougainvillea.  Below is a long row of year-old lavender getting ready to open its blooms:


In the planter boxes I placed the farm’s 19th century iron olive press and its original millstones, now in pieces.


And finally a couple of “before” pictures for posterity’s sake:


The final touches I have planned for the patio are more landscaping around the mill stones and a coat of anti-rust oil for the gates and the olive press.  Hope to get this done before the summer heat arrives!

6 thoughts on “Finished Patio

  1. Wow. You probably don’t remember me but Derek and I visited you from our friend’s place up the road. We are friends with Karen. Your place is amazing. Congratulations on everything you have achieved. You must be so proud and so tired. I can’t imagine putting all that effort in and then putting it on the market. I get too attached to things to do that myself. Best of luck to you. Hope you make a fortune.

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    1. Thanks so much, Leslie! I definitely remember you and Derek. The place has changed a lot since your visit. I am very tired and very ready to move on to my next project. Hope I find a buyer soon!


  2. Wow Rob, what a feat! I can’t believe you are actually done. I love the olive press (never seen one) and the millstones. All are great sculptures. The plantings are great, I recognize all of them as they are also appropriate here in SF.

    Congratulations! I hope your buyers get into a bidding war…



  3. Good morning.

    You’ve done an amazing job. Congratulations.

    May I ask two questions:

    1. How much of the house remains unrenovated? I have the impression it is about half.
    2. What is the land like that belongs to the estate? Is it all forest? Are there well-established paths?

    Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day.



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