Before and After: Downstairs

The entryway, before and after:

entry beforeentry afterentry open after

The biggest changes here are the new door (recovered from an Andalusian cortijo) and light restoration of the original stone floor.  I reset a few stones that were awkwardly high or angled and filled in the deepest grooves with mortar matching the original.  It’s still quite rough and rustic, but I’m not expecting many visitors in high heels.

The downstairs hallway, during and after:

downstairs hall beforedown halldownstairs hallway after

The first photo is not a pure “before” photo because it shows the steps and concrete levels created by my builder, as well as some electrical conduit.  Originally the floor was dirt and sloped upwards going back.

We’ll move clockwise now around the ground floor.

To the left of the hallway, Bedroom #1 with it’s ensuite bath and closet:

bedroom olive beforebedroom olivo afterbedroom olivo bath afterbedroom olivo bath 2 after

The bedroom window is new.  The small window above the shower is the original window visible in the “before” picture.  The feeding trough is original, its wooden beam heavily treated and varnished, its interior resurfaced with micro cement to match the floor.

The family suite contains bedrooms 2 and 3, a shared closet, shared bath and private lounge room.  Before and after:

family 1 beforefamily 1 afterfamily bath afterfamily 2 afterfamily 3 after

The before photo shows a large and deep animal shed, with the only light coming from a window linking to an exterior room.  The first two after photos show the foreground of this space, converted into a closet and bathroom.  The last two photos show the far end of the space, converted into the “parents’ bedroom.”

family 2 beforefamily 5 after

The above photos show the connecting “kids’ bedroom,” before and after.

family 3 beforefamily afterfamily 6 after

And finally, the family suite’s private lounge room, along with the access hallway, which lies to the right of the main hallway (stairwell).

Bedroom #4, the first door on the right from the main hallway:

bedroom tower beforebedroom tower afterbedroom tower bath beforebedroom tower bath afterbedroom tower bath 2 after

The ensuite bath (at the far end of the bedroom) features a double sink made from a watering trough found on the property.  The base is made from original roof beams.

Future posts will show before and after photos of the upstairs and exterior.

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