Before and After: Bits and Bobs

Sadly, I don’t have a good “before” photo of the loft above the living room.

The photo below shows a small sliver of the loft behind the safety barrier in its original state.  No stairs, no windows, falling plaster:

attic actually before

The pano below shows the attic in progress, with custom windows fitted into the arches and plaster on the walls.

attic during

The pano below is the current state, with a glass window to bedroom and a glass railing overlooking the dining room.

attic after

Mas Oms’ stately façade, before and after:

facade beforefacade after

Olive press dating from the early 20th century.  I moved it into the corner of planter box and polished it with Rustol Owatrol.

pressbeforepress after

The stones from the olive mill (used prior to purchase of the press) and the grain mill (background in “after” photo).

mill stones beforemill stones after

And finally a dry rock staircase heading down from the rear apartment to the patio.  It was tough navigating that hill before adding the steps!

stairs beforestairs after 2stairs after 1

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