The Doors of Mas Oms

Mas Oms has some very special doors!  Several of them were on the property when I bought it and were ripe for restoring and re-purposing.

I had some professional help with these very chunky wood doors:

bedroom door before

Xevi (my door guy) put them in “the bath” of paint stripping and bug killing goo and then filled in the bigger cracks and holes.

Pre-install, I make some further touch-ups:

bedroom door during

Post install.  Doors from living room to master bedroom.

bedroom door after

Below is one of a set of six matching doors that originally served as bedroom doors.

closet door before

One panel was very twisted.  As I don’t have a steam press at Mas Oms, I improvised a straightening method using wet towels, clamps, and the heat of the summer sun.

closet door during

After straightening, trimming, sanding, prepping, and painting, the doors were ready to screw into their custom frame.  Extra-wide closet in the master bedroom:

closet doors aftercloset doors after open

It was pretty obvious that the quirky door below would never be the prettiest one in the house;

olivo door before

But with some TLC, it is now the entrance to bedroom #1, downstairs:

olivo after

The remaining doors were sourced from Xevi the door guy.  He roams the hinterlands of Catalonia searching for beautiful and/or character-filled old doors.  Many are from Lleida province, where history has been unkind to houses like mine.  Xevi puts the doors in the “bath”, patches up cracks and holes, and makes whatever other adjustments are required to get the doors looking good again.  Below are the doors I bought from Xevi.

The main entry door formerly hung in an Andalusian cortijo:

front door

This beauty is another entry door to the right of the main entry.  The openable panels are called porticones.  We added glass to give the option to open for extra light (but not weather or bugs).

porticones door

Entrance to the family suite:

family suite door

Almost matching doors side by side in the upstairs hallway.  They lead to the powder room and bedroom #6.

hallway doors after

And finally, double doors leading to bedroom #7:

teenage door

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