Rob gets fired!

It might not be entirely accurate to say my architect and builder fired me.  From my month-old position as Wall Finisher in Chief.

It may be more accurate to say that a consensus was reached, wherein it was generally acknowledged, that it was ridiculous ever to have thought that I could finish the walls on my own.

The walls have to be finished before the polished concrete floor.  The finish of the polished concrete cannot withstand falling rocks and flinging of cementitious materials with wild abandon.  In order to have at least one livable square meter, I need the floor to be finished downstairs, with the radiant heating embedded therein.

At the pace I was moving, we were due to see downstairs wall completion by 2020.  So a decision was made.  I hung on to the 3-room family suite and gave over the rest of the downstairs square meterage to my crack team of paletas.  We went from sitzkreig to blitzkreig overnight.

Game room with the far wall rejuntat and the side walls ready for plaster.  Note the secret passage in the wall to the right. I’ll probably put a candle there, or something else as mind-blowingly original and amazing.
Tower bath ready for plaster and tile.


The hallway zone.  Esquerdejat finished–all the way up to the beams.  Rejuntat complete on the main façade–to be completed on the visible bare stones.

After a robust effort in July, the walls downstairs are nearly finished.  You can see two finishes here.

(1) Rejuntat refers to walls with attractive stones that have been re-grouted with tinted mortar intended to bring out the natural sand tones in the stone.  Note the flat-faced stones–these are ideal for rejuntat.  You don’t want sharp stones poking out at you.  Where possible, I “rejointed’ one wall in each room.  The bare stone is attractive, but it makes the room darker, and in the winter makes the room feel colder.  Certain local authorities (citation available upon request) are of the opinion that bare stone walls are a fad in Catalonia, even a “mania.”  With the practical disadvantages and the risk of changing trends, I decided to go easy on the bare stone.

(2) Esquerdejat refers to walls with a rough mortar coating, flung at the wall with a pointed offset trowel.  (Addressed at greater length in previous post below.)  These walls are ready to be plastered.  Plaster can be painted any color you like!  Fans of plaster say it imparts a “soft” and “warm” feel, because it follows the contour of the wall and is not perfectly flat or rigid or straight.  Eventually it will peel off the wall and create all manner of nuisance and dust, but that will not be my problem!

Pano of “olivo”, the west-facing bedroom downstairs.


Three shots showing progress in the family suite.

Upstairs is a different story.  The heating will be supplied by wall-mounted radiators  and the wood floor can wait.  Theoretically, I can go around finishing these walls at my own pace and put the floor in when I am finished.  Don’t tell!  But I have actually asked for a Blitzkreig bid on the upstairs as well.  Life is short and there is only one of me.

The builders are now on a two-week August vacation and I am joining them in spirit.  This week I am tinkering at Mas Oms, but next week I will go on an 8-day Pyrenean adventcha, hoping to find some cool weather and jaw-dropping views.

One last note–we have begun to move into the territory of buying pretty things to pimp my crib.  Yesterday I bought a pair of double doors, with integrated windows (porticones) for the passage between the game room and the summer wing.  Looking forward to more visits with Chevi and family and their impressive door and window workshop.  Still need a door for the monumental main entrance….

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